DG Uv coater machine from Kisun South Korea is high quality, compact and high speed machine. It is most preferred by leading Photo Album makers in India and all over the world.

UV Coater machine uses an innovative touch screen interface to monitor and control every action from roller position to coating selection and flow. Various configuration offers wide range of features viz. Automatic cleaning, change of tanks, LCD, speed control etc.

These are unique machines that can also UV coat digital prints from Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Ricoh or Xerox. Also the high speed up to 35 meters per minutes along with auto tank switching makes it ideal for high volume offset print jobs.


  • Easy to use UV coaters in different size (13”/17/20/24/36”)
  • Button operation or LCD
  • Single roller set or double roller set
  • Small footprint
  • Option of 5 different textured rollers for variety :
    Canvas, Checker, Crystal, Leather, Linen


Coating /Coater Specifications:

  • Coating Thickness: Variable from 6 to 14 microns all models
  • Maximum Coating Paper Weight: 400 gsm
  • Coating Technology: 100% UV Curable-Reverse Roll/Flood
  • Coater/Curing Unit: Integrated-one unit w/concealed coveyor path
  • Speed: 30~35 meters per unit
  • Coating Size (Width): 17R (432mm),20R(508mm),24R (610mm),36R(914mm)
  • Material: UV coating material (Glossy, Luster, Matte)

Electrical Specifications:

  • Power Supply: 210 -240 VAC 60/50Hz Signal Phase
  • Power consumption Amperage: 30~50 Amps
  • Model & Dimensions (W*L*H*): 17R2(1350-780-1110), 20R2(1350-850-1110),24R2(1350-1030-1110),36R2(1620-1330-1190)
  • Safety & Warranty:
  • Ventilation: External ventilation or air purification highly recommended;
    CE standards(all models) lSO9001:2000;
    Yes All models
  • Safety Certification: 1 Year parts,6 months labor

Option: Auto deep pile feeder, Auto stacker Roll to roll

  • Auto Feeder Dimensions: W X L X H 800 X 1300 X 1100 Sheet pile height 650mm
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