Foliant vega 400a is a new generation of easy available very compact industrial laminating machines to a responsive productions lamination, with combined deeply load of vacuum feeders and boost separating capacity. We are managing pneumatic pressure systems included compressors machine format and it has managed all kinds of digital printing sheets, offset printer and lamination.


  • Feeder:

Foliant vega 400a has equipped to growing quantity front departure streaming feeders with vacuum heads. The built-in vacuum pumps have used for sheet front airing and feeding head vacuum. The overlap has measured in the feeder has fitted with a lift plates with 30 cm piles of papers.

  • Laminator:

The foliant vega 400A laminator machine has taken maximum sheet size 38 x 66 cm (which is the maximum output format of xerox). The minimum sheets size are 15 x 15 cm. The foliant vega 400A machines are one side laminators 120 – 600 gm papers. The machine does not need any external source of pressured air for the pneumatic pressure system, because the compressor is integrated inside the machine frame as a standard delivery.
The laminator units are adjustable:

  • With a blade for offset printer machine
  • Digital printer machine to check scrapes on sheet to print on all borders by digital printing with thoughtful ink.

The whole machine is control with an interactive, easy understandable icon based touch screen and its used control systems include to automatic equipments for an easily controls of the machines and a consistent laminations.

  • Separator:

The combined bumps separators have prepared by a pairs of roller. This process has controlled to machinery units. The separate sheet is delivering to a vibrant sprinter or adjustable reception unit (optional).


  • Maximum speed: 18 m/min
  • Feeding: Automatic
  • Feeding system: Vacuum belt
  • Feeder's load capacity: 30 cm
  • Overlaps control: In-Run Screw control
  • Overlaps accuracy: + / - 2 mm
  • Separation: Automatic
  • Paper weight: 115 - 500 g/m2
  • Main roller pressure: Pneumatic
  • Integrated compressor: Included
  • Min. sheets size (w x l): 15 x 15 cm
  • Max. sheets size (w x l): 38 x 66 cm
  • Max. performance: 2100 B3 / h
  • Temperature control: 80 - 140°C
  • Warming up time: 8 min
  • Powers: 230V, 50-60 Hz
  • Power: 3000 W
  • Floor space (w x l): 82 x 198 cm
  • Weight: 320 kg
  • Non-sticky roller: Standard
  • Reception Unit 400: Optional
  • Jogger 400: Optional
  • Foliant Foiler: Optional
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