Hitech offers the made in Japan- Nishiyama NB600T patti calendar mounting machine.

This system is unique. It has a hopper where in you load the patti. Feed the calendar ( 1/3/4/6/7/12/13 pages) and machine automatically mounts the patti and delivers the finished calendar mounting. You may mount patti on either 1 side or 2 sides with absolute ease.

Production up to 2000 calendar per hour can be attained with minimum labour.

Big advantage is that there is no need for any gluing or additional process thereby improving the productivity.

It is a complete mechanical systems and hence does not need air compressor or vacuum.


  • Automatic mounting system
  • Easy to set up. No change of tools for size change
  • No change of tools for no of sheets/calendar.
  • Productivity of up to 2000 calendar can be attained.


  • Width: 24”
  • Type: NB600DT...
  • Specification: Clamped Hanger Installation Speed: 40-50 sheets per minutes Valid Paper Size: Max (600 x 900)/Min (254 x 250)
  • Power Requirements: 0.75kW/200W/90W
  • Total Weight: 620kg
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