INDY PRO machines size is 600 mm x 1200 mm and 600 mm x 1800 mm, Azon Indy pro has a model has a maximum printing size 1100 mm x 2500 mm. The machine is capable of printing with maximum heights up to 210 mm.

INDY PRO can now print on leathers, canvas, ceramics, glasses, acrylics, woods and etc. It is become possible to printing with exceptionally embossing effect on firm substrate. This machine has improved with accurate movements of print bridges. Stylish RIP software has installed simply to ink detecting systems has enabled to upgrade for ink bottle.

Azon Indy PRO has standard solutions to interiors and exteriors designs, promoting, signs and graphics company. Apart from the several kind of substrate that machine print on, it has applied to local used like kitchens and bedrooms. We are manufacturing and offering excellent quality and reliable machine.


  • LCD touch screen and heather adjustment
  • Belt with ball screw system
  • Integrated vacuum table


  • Model: Azon UV INDY pro
  • Printing technology: Ink-jet (Micro Piezo Head)
  • Printing size: Maximum 1110 mm x 2450 mm
  • Print speed: 2 x 1110 mm x 2450 mm prints per hour
  • Printing resolution: Max 1440 dpi
  • Power requirements: AC 100 / 230 V, 59 W (in standby mode 5 W)
  • Ink: C, M, Y, K + 4W / 2W + 2G / Azon UV inks / 220 ml catrtidges
  • Interface: USB, LAN network
  • Environment conditions: Temperature 20°C to 30°C, Relative Humidity 45% to 80%
  • Printer software: Azon RIP
  • Material used: Glass, metal, stone, wood, plastics...
  • Dimensions: 1800 mm x 3500 mm x 1200 mm , Weight 710 kg
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