Incomparable quality across a wide variety of materials

Azon razor hale has the latest designed of UV products with getting collected the awards winning products and machine. Our printing machine long lasting materials, energy saving low maintenance stages of heat exhortations a varied range of printers quality. Azon hale manufacturers the printing apparent 290 x 800mm to printing machine like PET, ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, woods, stones, glasses, leathers and all soft materials. Unexpected determination of 2890 dpi distributes remaining images in all printing ingredients.

Stability and reliability of Azon RAZOR HALE

We provide latest and market standards products successfully growing organized newest upgrades to rising production and productivity. Azon razors are relating additional higher laser height sensors to adjustments. The enhanced vertically programme done with single machine providing quicker and standards functioning.

Advanced AZON RIP software for unique special effects

Azon printer launch the standards machine, it’s secure features of Azon RIP software and we are offering many safety feature and materials with all models depending on resolutions of fading and number of nozzle and emboss printing up to 1-2mm printing biddable reductions needs many more software like Illustrator, CorelDraw, Photoshop and etc. Hitech is allowing customer to directly like the settings for supreme application to affectedly increases the printer production and performances.

Rotax connector for cylinder-shaped printing

The possibility of digital printer has doubled with particularly planned rotary razor. We allowed printer a wide range of cylinder-shaped with diameters range to 40 mm to 126 mm and height up to 280 mm. Printing on cylindrical and cone shape like glass, candles, tubes, can, tank and many more products. Rotax razor creates circle print actual and exact colour prints.


  • Direct to substrate UV LED print
  • Create embossed effect
  • Create Spot UV effect
  • Print area 29 x 80 cm
  • Print on Paper, leather, wood, glass, stone….


Album page, Mobile covers, decorative tiles, USB, Id cards...


  • Models: Azon RAZOR
  • Printing technology: Ink-jet (Micro Piezo Head)
  • Maximum size: 290 mm x 800 mm (11.4 x 31.5 in.)
  • Maximum thickness: 200 mm (7.9 in.)
  • Ink types: LED UV 500ml bottle / LED UV 220cc cartridge
  • Ink-curing unit: Built-in UV-LED light
  • Printing resolutions: Max 2880 dpi
  • Printer software: Azon RIP
  • Printable media: Glass, metal, stone, wood, plastics…
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 1450 mm x 820 mm x 1110-1310 mm (57 x 32.2 x 43.7 – 51.5 in.)
  • Weight: 140kg (247 ibs.)