Incomparable quality across a wide variety of materials

Azon razor hale has the latest idea of azon UV products track and it is passing together the awards winner printing technologies with standards with powerful LED curing systems. Latest quality products, power effective UV led generate lowest level of heat for printing with wide range of surface and three dimensional object 290 mm. Azon razor hale operate the printable surface 290 x 800mm to printing onto any types of materials such as PET, ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, wood, stone, glass, canvas, ceramic, leather and other soft materials up to 200 mm heights.

Stability and reliability of Azon RAZOR HALE

Meet the increasing demand and growing markets of azon razor effectively organized latest upgrade to growth up production and profitability of this solution. Azon razor hale has been joining additional higher laser automatic heights sensors modification. We enhanced vertical programme completed with one motor provide for more specific, faster and safe operating.

Optional ink system models

Always determined to meet latest request of our client’s, Azon razor hale come with optional ink systems, with cartridges of 220ml. We are manufacturer standards quality printing machine to long lasting product and latest features. Every tanks take 500 ml of inks which are really easily to handles and removes. New ink recirculation prevents the pigment in white ink from settling and provides more consistent white layer. As a result, inks tank could be filling up from inks bottle, minimizing waste ink and printing continuously without disturbances. Ink consumption is reduced to a great extent while less maintenance secures easy and user-friendly usage of Azon Razor Hale.

Advanced AZON RIP software for unique special effects

Azon printer launch the ideal fit, so far a completed full features of azon RIP software and we are providing many other features, tools such as printing up to five layers in inline modes relabeling on aspiration, vanishing and altering the numbers of having nozzle, manufacturing embossing or higher print to customers up to 2mm on that ways to printing any ADA manageable and braille scripts standards request to using any software like Illustrator, CorelDraw, Photoshop and any other software. Azon RIP authorized to instantly select the suitable setting for application which increased the print efficiency and performances.


  • Direct to substrate UV LED print
  • Create embossed effect
  • Create Spot UV effect
  • Print area 29 x 80 cm
  • Print on Paper, leather, wood, glass, stone….


Album page, Mobile covers, decorative tiles, USB, Id cards...


  • Models : Azon Razor Conti
  • Technology : Ink-jet (Micro)
  • Maximum Size: 290 mm x 800 mm (11.4 x 31.5 in)
  • Maximum thickness: 200 mm (7.9 in)
  • Ink type: LED UV 500ml bottles / LED UV 220cc cartridges
  • Inks : CMYK + W or CMYK + WG
  • Ink Curing Units : Built-in UV-Led Light
  • Printing Resolutions : Max 2880 DPI
  • Printer software : Azon RIP
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) : 1450 mm x 820 mm x 1110-1310 mm (57 x 32.2 x 43.7 – 51.5 in)
  • Weights : 140kg (247 IBS)
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