Making Folding Cartons finished easily without retooling.

This exceptional implement designed it simple for manufacture collapsing cartons and label cutting to interest positions. No apparatuses/die is required. Die cutter machine can do wrinkling and cutting at the same time.

Multi-useful are digital cutter that could be immediately transformed to adjust to various ingredients.

Die cutter machine have furnished with different sort of cutting and inspiring edges which can be utilized in the cutting and awing of numerous materials, for example, Cardboards, Kraft Papers, Plastic Boards, Rubber Sheets and other related products. We encourages you spare time while lessening the expense and can make little amount collapsing container and marks.

Impressive exactness enlistment enables the client to cut superb labels rapidly.

Any pack cutter machine detects the dark increase to four points to give solid enrolment and evade any management problems. What's more, it can create short-run employment for in-house use or conveyances with short times.

No requirement for expert specialists.

The task of the equipments is simple and basic. Subsequently, no expert specialists are vital for working, which lessens work costs.

High return investment without risk.

I can show signs of improvement returns of speculation contrasted with other digital level bed shaper with better machine details. Along these lines, the clients are satisfied of the weight of venture costs.

Easily Operating

No requirement for expert specialists.

Reasonable price

More competitive price than others with better machine specifications.

Fast set-up time

Short-lead time and set-up time.

Various functions

Cutting and creasing are performed simultaneously.


  • Crumpling and cutting tool
  • Vacuum table.
  • 22 x 34" cutting parts.
  • Cutting depth up to 0.9 mm


  • Cutting area: 570 mm x 860 mm
  • Blade: 2 Blades (Creasing & blade types)
  • Cutting distance: ≤ 0.9 mm
  • Machine precision: Below ± 0.3 mm
  • Feeding precision: Below ± 0.4 mm
  • Cutting style: Stop-and-go
  • Dimensions: 1,100 mm (W) x 800 mm (D) x 1,100 mm (H)
  • Powers: 100~240 VAC, 50/60Hz
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