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4 Top Binding methods you need to know

Stitching is a rather easy process, which almost all printers are familiar. There are switchers that run in- line with digital engines and there are off line stitching machines. It is one of the most common methods.  It uses a coil for stapling the documents and number of sheet in a document may vary from 2 to 50 generally. It is a cheap method and presentation may not be very good. Generally all magazines and books up to 150 to 200 pages are done this way. The expected life of such books is short.

Wiro/Spiral  Binding. These  has become more and more necessary in-house. With the popularity of plastic coil/spiral  and wire binding, almost every printer now has some sort of punching machine.  This method is commonly used for diaries, note books and calendars as well as presentation material viz. visual aids, reports etc.  Presentation and life of such books is good.

Perfect Binding is much more varied.  This uses the process of book block making and cover wrapping in one process. There are machines that can be useful for doing 2000 books per day to high speed multi clamp  machines that would do 10,000 + books per day.

This method is used for softcover books and is in wide use in the industry.

It usually uses hot melt eva  glue for normal paper. Now you have the option of PUR glue binding machine that enables you to bind even coated, heavy stocks as well as synthetic papers etc.

Case Binding is the most extravagant method, and also the most expensive and time-consuming method of binding. More often than not, if you pick up any fancy art book, it will be a hard cover book.  Case binding also take more time and needs perfection to create a well finished book.

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